Bots Cheats that You Hate in Every Games

Bots are programs used for “grind leveling” that don’t need any assistance from the player – earn more in-game cash! Having a bot to play for you while you’re in work, in school, or anywhere else is an advantage but can also ruin your socialization with the players in-game and can ruin the whole role-playing of the character as well as the game itself. Good thing there is no such thing as bots in RF. I have seen other games that have bots that ruined the gameplay itself. The game companies just let these bots be used in their game for marketing purposes only. Most of the players are using a bot, so more and more people use bots for their multiple characters on multiple accounts. I still prefer a bot free game, as bots don’t make the game fun. Bot-free games are also more exciting to play.

Cheats are executable commands that can be used inside a game. These cheats are only applicable to single or multiplayer / skirmish / campaign LAN games. Games that have cheats are Warcraft (Not World of Warcraft), Starcraft, Dota “Defense of the Ancients” (which is a Warcraft expansion hero vs. hero game) and many more. Executable cheats do not exist in any online role playing game in the market. Cheats are what game developers are keeping away from, because it can ruin the game itself. Good thing there’s no trace of any executable cheats in RF Online.

On the other hand, bugs do exist in online games. They’re what developers and players call as the flaws in the game. Once a game is being developed, the company has what they call “Bug Testers.” Most of the company has this unit to check for flaws in the game. As we all know, companies do Alpha Testing and Beta Testing not just to let players experience the game, but also to help the company look for or find out what are the flaws in the game before they release the game as a commercial product. Few examples of bugs:

• When you cast a skill it doesn’t work.
• When you finish a certain quest, the NPC doesn’t give you any reward.
• When you go to a certain map, it makes your character sprites funny.
• When you kill a mob it doesn’t drop anything, but when you check the monster list in the site, it’s supposed to drop something useful.
• When you buy something in the NPC its cost is low, but when you sell it to another town NPC it sells high.
• When you craft a certain weapon/armor its materials can be easily obtained from level 1 monsters, but when you sell it to the NPCs in town, you’d earn loads of cash.

Bugs that especially involve NPCs should be reported and fixed as soon as possible by the game company, or else these bugs can be exploited and ruin the game’s economy.

Here is an example of a bug in RF Online that has been recently fixed on the release of the new game update.

• The bug of the overlapping chatting window and quick slot cannot use item before.

Exploits are flaws or bugs in the game that are being used/abused by players by not reporting it. The last 2 bugs that were listed in ( can be exploited by players who accidentally found it or know it for some reason. Bug exploitation should not be exercised or used for personal gain in the game. Having to know a certain bug can make a difference inside the game. Players can gain loads of gold/cash; make their character more powerful than other players’. Bug exploits should be taken seriously and reported at once. Game companies take it seriously when reported and once they find out that a player has been exploiting a bug, the game company can exercise their rights to delete or permanently ban the player’s email or any other accounts from registering again.

There are many ways to report an exploit. First, check the games official website, for sure they have a link in the site that teaches the players how to report a bug. Second, contact their customer service at once and report the bug. Third, contact the game moderators or game administrator in the forums. NOTE: “Don’t post anything about the BUG in the forums especially when you give a brief explanation on how to use the said BUG, as players can get very curious and may try it or even exploit it for themselves, resulting in chaos in the game.” And lastly, if there is a GM “Game Master” online, you can consult him about the bug that has been discovered. Good thing there are no known Bug Exploits in RF Online.

Some Boring Past of RF Online

RF Online is being developed by a Korean Company called CCR, Inc. We know that Korean games have been so popular in South East Asian countries like Japan, China, Malaysia, and the Philippines. It was Level-Up! Games that released RF Online Philippines. Here’s the history of RFO-PH:

RFO Philippines was released in November 2005, and had both alpha and beta testing stages that lasted for 3 weeks prior to the official launch. RF Online Philippines has 2 commercial servers, namely Altrax and Nexus, as well as a test server called Omicron. After 11 months, RF Online Philippines is still a hit and even attracts more online gamers and new blood to the MMORPG world.

With the success of RF Online in Asia, RF Online was also released inthe US and UK. It was Codemaster that marketed RF Online in South America and serves as an international online server for France, Italy, and many parts of Europe, as well as Australia. Here’s the history of RFO Int’l:

The official release date for RF Online US was February 21, 2006. Prior to that they had beta testing for one month, after which all characters were wiped out for the official release date of the commercial servers. Three days after RF Online US was released, it was followed by RF Online UK (also handled by Codemaster). RF Online International has 5 commercial servers with over 1 million players, namely Fire, Earth, Wind, Water, and Spirit.

Who and What is RF Online

RF Online is an epic mix of traditional fantasy MMOG mixed with unique futuristic sci-fi action and a full 3-dimensional environment that brings an entirely new and original perspective to the online gaming world. RF Online takes place on the distant world of Novus, a mineral rich world fought over by three incredibly powerful factions. RF Online offers 3 all-powerful races that your character will lead into the final battle for total control over the entire Novus galaxy. The 3 unique races are: the mechanical Accretia, the spiritual Cora, and the military/human-themed Bellato. When each race evolves to a certain point they become even more distinct.
The Cora, for example, is a race of religious mystics who rely on and develop the ability to bring immensely powerful magical spells and summons creatures into battle. The Bellato is a race of freethinkers that incorporates both magic and machinery into their civilization and also gains access to powerful mechs (mechanical robots that they build). Finally, the mighty Accretia Empire is a futuristic alien race intent on spreading destruction across the entire sector with their advanced weaponry systems. All three races are smart and tough and are competing for the same chunk of desirable real-estate, setting the stage for an epic battle for control of the universe.

RF Online is a story of 3 races that want to rule the planet of Novus and nearby planets and galaxies for supremacy and the survival of their race’s existence. The game’s features are:

> Experience the world of RF with your own character preference. Role play like a “killer for hire, person who helps people battle numerous and dangerous monsters, pure crafter, defender of your race, or any possible character reference you have in mind.”
> Explore the planet Novus as single player or with other players. Preferably with groups. Build guilds, groups, and cross-faction alliances to fulfill your objectives. Engage in 3 times a day, full-packed 8 hours of faction Vs faction action, also known as “Chip Wars.”

> State of the art character & environmental detail never before seen in any other online game.

> Enjoy the adventures, quests, and the endless exploring of planet Novus for its resources and countless types of monsters.

> Choose from the 3 different strong factions. Build extremely powerful MAU (Massive Armor Units) for Bellateans. Create devastating weapons like cannons and high powered Rifles for Accreteans. Summon magical spirits and monsters to fight for the race of Corans.

> High Technology combat mechanics provide a unique battle and gameplay experience.

> Non-stop development and release of updates for a never-ending quest for supremacy, exploring of new planets and galaxy for a fully satisfying epic and galactic gameplay.